Color In visual arts is the soul of everything

By 17 oktober 2017 januari 5th, 2018 Creatief ontwerp, Web nieuws, Webdesign Website

In visual arts, it seems that color is the soul of everything, breathed in by the artist into a creation. Color is power, actually. It can change the mood of the image in a blink of an eye. It can encourage, warn, appeal, frighten, highlight, persuade and so on and so forth. It can support the words or vice versa – steal their power. It can share an emotion without anything said. It can become a great weapon in hand of a master.

Color In visual arts

No wonder, in the sphere of UI design color is one of the key steps to efficient result. It is actually a multi-functional and diverse tool able to fulfill several needs simultaneously:

— supporting recognizability and brand awareness;
— supporting readability;
— strengthening call-to-actions;
— satisfying aesthetic needs;
— sharpening navigation;
— enhancing intuitive interaction;
— beautifying visual solutions;
— creating clear and harmonic style.

As it was mentioned in one of our articles about colors in UI design, trying different combinations and their functionality for user-friendly interfaces, it is important to remember that in any case, in even the most venturesome color matches and blends should feel clean. No dirt on a screen or a page. Clarity enhances usability rate, supports readability and makes all the colors do their best.

Talking about interfaces, whose aim is to not just transfer visual message but also enable easy and successful interactions, a good way to check your solutions is a black-and-white look of the accomplished screen. Observing it, you will quickly understand if the elements, which have to be noticeable and functional, work like this or get lost without colors. Don’t neglect this easy way to check the efficiency of your design: it will reveal ineffective combinations and will easily show what are the potential problems of your interface for color-blind users.

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It’s also essential to mention that color choice and combinations have a great psychological potential: they are able to strengthen the message and content of the website creating the appropriate mood. Psychological aspects, stereotypes, and cultural background make the color itself a strong and effective factor enabling designers to transfer the ideas, goals, nature and mood of the digital product.

Creating interfaces is never an act of pure creativity. It is the act of providing users with the product that will heal their pain and make their life happier. So, in perspective of color choices and usage in UI, a designer should always remember that the interface should be highly usable and clear. All the slightest aspects of choices should increase usability, utility and harmony. Use color coding of categories, provide markers, use color to improve and speed navigation – there are so many aspects that can become much more efficient and user-centered just with the help of the great power of color.