Find out how well your website – How mobile friendly your website is

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Test how mobile-friendly your website is

Find out how well your website works across mobile and desktop devices. Start by working out what the most important and common tasks are for your customers on mobile. Being able to support these tasks is critical and this is why the measure of your mobile site is how well customers can complete their objectives.

Find out how well mobile friendly your website

Mobile Screen Resolutions / Widths

Here is a list of the browser screen widths of some commonly-used mobile devices. The list is not exhaustive, since new brands and models are released all the time. However, the list is enough to give you an idea of the kinds of sizes that you need to accomodate.

  • 240 pixels (old Android portrait mode)
  • 320 pixels (iPhone 3 to 5 and iPhone SE portrait mode)
  • 375 pixels (iPhone 6 and 7 portrait)
  • 384 pixels (Android Nexus portrait)
  • 414 pixels (iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus portrait)
  • 480 pixels (iPhone 3 and 4 landscape mode)
  • 568 pixels (iPhone 5 landscape)
  • 600 pixels (Android Nexus landscape, Kindle portrait)
  • 667 pixels (iPhone 6 and 7 landscape)
  • 736 pixels (iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus landscape)
  • 768 pixels (iPad portrait)
  • 1024 pixels (iPad landscape)