WordPress vs Drupal – Which One is Better?

By 6 februari 2018 Web nieuws, Wordpress

If you browse the web for discussions of WordPress vs Drupal, you can find plenty of devotees on each side. Here are some of the most commonly cited reasons for choosing one platform over the other:

WordPress Advantages

  • Ease of use – WordPress is significantly more user-friendly, especially for non-developers.
  • Extensibility – WordPress’ third-party theme and plugin communities make it similarly easy to extend WordPress without the need for custom development. Some people even claim that, with the right extensions, WordPress can do anything that Drupal can do.
  • Ease of getting help – WordPress’ massive global community means that it’s easy to find support for any issues that you run into.
  • Lower development costs – WordPress offers more “out of the box” solutions and WordPress developers are usually more affordable than Drupal developers.

Drupal Advantages

  • Custom content types and views – while WordPress does offer custom post types, most people consider Drupal’s custom content types to be a bit more flexible.
  • Access controls/user permissions – whereas WordPress single-site ships with 5 basic user roles, Drupal has a built-in access control system where you can create new roles with individual permissions.
  • Core support for multilingual sites – in Drupal 8, multilingual functional is baked into the core, whereas WordPress sites need to turn to third-party plugins.
  • Taxonomies for handling lots of data – Drupal’s taxonomy system is more flexible than WordPress, which can make it ideal for handling lots of content.

How Many Plugins And Themes Does WordPress Have?

While the raw number of extensions doesn’t inherently mean WordPress is better, it is a good indicator of the size and importance of the third-party WordPress ecosystem.

WordPress has:

  • 53,000+ free plugins, plus thousands of more premium plugins.
  • 5,000+ free themes, plus thousands of more premium themes.

wordpress vs drupal on extensability

The WordPress.org plugin directory

How Many Plugins And Themes Does Drupal Have?

At its official directory, Drupal lists:

  • 39,000+ modules
  • 2,500+ themes

With that being said, if you only include modules that are compatible with Drupal 8.x, those numbers drop to:

  • 4,000+ modules
  • 250 themes