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Whitehouse Chooses WordPress

With the change of administrations comes a new website, and this morning the all-new debuted. Like its predecessor, the site is powered by WordPress – but this version carries many differences and modern out-of-the-box features that we’re glad to see used on a site of this magnitude.

Dave Amirault, Pagely’s Director of Marketing, and Jeff Matson, Minister of Propaganda, have had a few moments to gather their first impressions of the site.

QA’ing across multiple devices and viewports.


Personally, I’m a sucker for clean and focused designs, and the new delivers on both those fronts. Images are clean, not overused and work to supplement the content on the page – not overtake it. The site’s navigation is simple and does its best to guide users through the site’s taxonomies.

ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES, Whitehouse Chooses WordPress
This is how you do a mega menu.



A website meant for the people should be able to be seen by all people, and does a great job making the site’s accessibility capabilities front and center to users. As we all know, website accessibility is a source of constant improvement, and they even go so far as to address it in the site’s Accessibility Statement.

Notable Features

  1. High contrast mode.
  2. Large font size toggle.
  3. Spanish Translation
Whitehouse Chooses WordPress
High contrast mode on
High contrast mode, Whitehouse Chooses WordPress
High contrast mode, large font sizes enabled, and multi-language support.

What’s a website in 2021 without an easter egg or two? Inspect the site’s source code and you’ll be treated with this recruitment message by the United States Digital Service.

Well played. Chooses WordPress
A peek at the source code reveals a recruitment message from the USDS.

Matt Mullenweg found another easter egg that posted about it on his blog – go down the rabbit hole into the theme’s CSS file and you’ll find the perfect version number.