Back to the Future – re-living 1995

By 14 december 2018Web nieuws
Future - re-living 1995

With the ever increasing developments in Technology & divorce rates being at an all time high with over half of couples saying smart phones, iPads & social media sights being a huge factor for getting divorced doesn’t it make you think that it’s became a social issue which feeds into the workplace having BlackBerrys/iPhones customers are seeing so much less & receiving so many more emails pinging back and forth that the proposal he’d received from your No 1 competitor he’s thinking I’ll give them a try after being loyal for 25 years how much more happy he would be?

We’re always looking for new ideas to be more robust & discover new concepts. Reflecting on the past, many employees were still at Uni in 1995 but we all remember life pre-smartphoes, iPads & every morning starting work/Uni and you have 200 emails, never had 200 memos maybe in the entire year but every day?

So imagine how delighted customer’s would be re-living 1995 having planned meetings every week & that proposal? That was put in the bin. 1995…being our mindset. How prosperous business growth would be…? How excited & motivated would you would be…? I’m guessing like myself that would put an enormous smile on your face.